At Matrix Energy, we are actively involved in the trading and mining of solid mineral commodities. With a strong commitment to responsible mining practices, we extract and produce various metal and industrial minerals. Our extensive portfolio includes valuable ores such as Tin, Zinc, Lead, Graphite, Gold, and Lithium, which are sourced from our assets located in different states across Nigeria.

We operate a licensed mineral buying center in line with our dedication to sustainability and ethical practices. This facility allows us to responsibly purchase mineral commodities that are extracted in compliance with environmental and social regulations throughout the country. Through our mineral buying center, we facilitate the trade of these commodities in the export market, contributing to the growth of the mining industry and the Nigerian Economy.

With our expertise in the mining sector and our commitment to responsible practices, Matrix Energy is positioned as a reliable partner in the exploration, production, and trading of mineral commodities. We continuously strive to enhance our operations, ensuring our mining activities' highest quality, safety, and environmental stewardship standards.

Embrace sustainable and ethical mining practices, and let us assist you in unlocking the untapped potential of Nigeria's abundant mineral reserves.