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Man of the people Nigerians Hail Abdulkabir Aliu

To distinguish oneself might require a sacrifice, but the recognition that often comes with such a determination would overshadow the pain. With so many issues battering the average Nigerian and bringing heartache, it is a good thing that there are individuals whose minds are set on doing the right thing. From the reports on the streets, one such individual is Abdulkabir Aliu, the man behind Matrix Energy Limited. With fuel scarcity at its peak, Aliu and his company are doing their best to manage the situation.

Fuel scarcity is one of the biggest constants in the present. Many big oil companies and others at the center of the situation have decided to milk Nigerians and boost their revenues, thereby disregarding the plight of the common man. However, based on the news from corners in Nigeria, Matrix

Energy Limited is not among these companies.

According to the reports, the work of Aliu and his Matrix Energy Limited is finally yielding fruit in the form of increasing the availability of fuel for the Nigerian populace. Being a controlling force in the Nigerian energy sector, Matrix Energy Limited takes its role very seriously. However, this is not altogether surprising considering that the company’s Group CEO, Aliu, always takes the side of expertise and humaneness, leaving his profit-minded peers to scour after ungodly lucre without regard for other people.

It is no wonder that many folks are grateful for Aliu and his Matrix Energy Limited. They say that it is due to their combination that the fuel situation is gradually being moderated and the price of fuel is dropping daily, thereby enabling the common man to do business without losing too much to operating costs.

So, for Aliu and his company, a million kudos have been sent out and many more are expected in the coming days. And he deserves all of it for his work in the energy sector.

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