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Matrix Energy’s new investment is solving a major problem –

As the relationship between greenhouse emission and climate change continue to be a source of concern to many people, a little-known Nigerian energy company — Matrix Energy Limited — has taken a major step towards proffering a solution.

The company is doing this by investing in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) business, with hopes of providing Nigerians with cleaner and supposedly cheaper source of cooking energy.

Speaking recently in Warri at an event themed Meet Your Customers Forum, the company’s Head of Marketing, Mrs Toyin Sowunmi, said that asides dissuading Nigerians from the use of unclean and dangerous energy sources, the initiative will also help to minimise the effect of climate change.

She also stated that Nigerian is among the countries with the least LPG usage figures in the whole of the African continent, with nearly 66% reliance on firewood for both domestic and industrial energy needs. This is despite the fact that Nigeria is one of the biggest producers of natural gas, a large quantity of which is flared daily in the Niger Delta.

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